Welcome to LoveMySupplies, LLC!

LoveMySupplies is a family owned, Fort Worth company that has provided school supply packages to parents in the Fort Worth area since 2012. Our company is committed to supporting Fort Worth, our children and our community. Simply select the tab for your school, click on the link and follow the payment process. We do the rest to make your summer last longer! Your child's school supplies are delivered in accordance with the school's policies and to make sure your child is ready for the first day of school. We work with your school to determine the price of the packages, and we support your school or your school's PTA by giving back our time, extra supplies or a percentage of each order.

Because of your purchases, we have given over $20,000.00 to Fort Worth schools!

Helping you, helping our schools, helping our community. All we need is a little more ♥!

Please contact us at (817) 926-3209 or email us at lovemysupplies@lovemysupplies.com. We look forward to hearing from you.