Thank you to everyone that uses our service! Every year, we are growing and making a difference. We love helping families, schools and our community. Please see comments below from some of our customers.

Thanks for offering Love My Supplies to Lily B Students. It makes "Back to School" so much more convenient. - Gretchen

This was such a great service! We'll definitely use it year after year. - Jennifer

Many thanks to you and Officer Perez...hopefully we can work together again in the future. - Toya Releford, commenting on the FW Latino Associations and LoveMySupplies School Supply Wish List Outreach program

Thanks again for helping Twood out with our supplies! We would so much rather support you than a big company in another state! - Elizabeth

What a great service you provided!! Thank you soooo much!! - Kim

I was so pleased with the ability to order by son's school supplies. It was a such a huge help to me...the process was so easy and quick. - Kristin

Overall was a great experience. Thanks for the help!- Teresa

Thank you for your help by sending the school supplies to the school (Lily B. Clayton). I definitely will use your service for the next year. Best Regards!!- Maria

All the supplies were great! - Carrie

You did a great job :) - Karry

I just want to say how painless it made it as parents to walk into school knowing the supplies were there and I didn't have to worry about getting them...I will be paying for your service again and again! Thank you - Betsy

You made the process so easy. - Abbie

This was the best idea ever and wish we had this opportunity sooner!! Thank you for all your hard work - it is so appreciated :) - Adriana

It was so convenient to not have to juggle a toddler and a bag of supplies on the first day of school! I love this idea and will definitely be using you again next year! - Heather

The whole thing was awesome as it saved me both time and money! - Ellie