Young Women's Leadership Academy

By using LoveMySupplies, you save time and money.  Young Women's Leadership Academy parents will save an average of 20% on school supplies, plus time and gas!  Because of your orders, LoveMySupplies will donate a percentage of every order back to your school to help your teachers in the classroom.    

The site is now open, and we are busy working on packages.  For your convenience, the general school listing is provided below.  Due to Covid-19 shortages, please note that there are additional supplies that are not included in the package that you will need to purchase for the school year.   Also, there are additional items that your school has requested be provided by the student, as they are specific to individual preference and needs.  If you need assistance, please contact us at (817)926-3209 or at  Thank you for your order and for helping your school! 

Direct Link to Purchase Supplies:

Supply List:
1 2-Hole Large Well Sharpener  
1 7 "  Sharp Fiskars Metal Scissors  
2 Composition Notebooks (Black and White) (100 pgs.)
1 12 Ct. Long Crayola Colored Pencils   
3 Elmer's Glue Stick Purple .21 oz  
2 Assorted Color Folders with Pocket and Holes   
1 Nylon 3-hole Pencil Bag  
1 Paper Mate # 2 Pencils (12 count)  
6 Bic Pen Sticks (Black) (1 for ELA;5 are for General Use)
1 Bic Pen Sticks (Blue)   
1 Bic Pen Sticks (Red)  
2 Assorted Highlighters (1 Pink and 1 Blue)  
2 Any Color Spiral Notebook Wide Rule (70 pgs.)   
2 Any Color 3-Subject Wide Ruled Spiral Notebook (120 pgs.)
1 Wide Ruled Filler Paper  
1 5x8 Notecards, White, Lined  
1 1", D-Ring, 3 Ring View Binder, black  
1 1/4" Graph Paper, 100 count  
1 Green Bic Pens  
*Additional Supplies Not Included in Packet:  
3 Baby Wipes (Large Pkg.)  
2 Hand Sanitizer (8-10 oz.)   
1 Paper Towels  
3 Tissue Box  100 Count (Kleenex)  
2 Foaming Hand Soap  
1 Lysol Wipes  
1 Earbuds  
1 Planner (Something to Record Homework Assignments)
1 Sketchbook