How much do supplies cost?

Prices on school supplies continue to rise every year, and they increase at a rate faster than inflation!  NBC and released articles in June and July of 2017 that stated school supplies have doubled over the last ten years and continue to rise, with parents in 2017 paying an average of $181.86 for school supplies for elementary age children.  The cost increased for a child in middle and high school.  By purchasing from LoveMySupplies, you save money as well as time and gas.  We work hard to keep all of our packages below $70.00 per child every year, and we donate money back to your school to use for additional items that your teachers need.  Your teachers receive top quality supplies to use for your child, and LoveMySupplies donates back to your school! 

Helping you; helping our schools; and helping our community. All we need is a little more love !